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So I Took the Quiz. Now What?

Great question! After decades of experience working with hundreds of medical groups, we have developed a system to provide you with your perfect match of scrubs through a simple and easy process. There's no office too small or large, and there's no office too far. We would love nothing more, but the opportunity to serve your team.

Sampling Process

After we have received your quiz results, your Dedicated Scrub Professional will follow up with you to further discuss the needs of your team. They will personally curate a collection of samples based on your feedback, and deliver them directly to your door. Your Dedicated Scrub Professional is available to participate in your team meetings to provide benefits and attributes of every brand and style, and can also answer any questions directly to your team. 

Ordering Process

Your Dedicated Scrub Professional will continue to work with you throughout the entire uniform process. They will provide more information on the next steps, including how to order, the customization process, and an accurate timeline for delivery. In a time crunch, or need uniforms by a specific date? Be sure to let your Dedicated Scrub Professional know that. We work hard to meet everyone's deadlines, to keep your team looking top notch!

Post Ordering

After your order has been completed, and your scrubs have been delivered directly to you, your Dedicated Scrub Professional will save all records. In the future if you have questions about the items you ordered, they will be able to access this information for you. All embroidery information, including approved designs and thread colors will be saved, so that we may quickly serve you again. Some clients prefer an account statement broken down by individual employees to save in their records. If you would prefer to receive an account statement, please request your copy from your Dedicated Scrub Professional!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our team works hard to meet every need of your team. If an issue arises, please contact us immediately, so that the issue can quickly be resolved. You can reach our team directly by emailing help@scrubclubdirect.com

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